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3 ways to improve your practice’s customer service

Do you have a feeling your customer service has gone way down since your practice first opened? Even if you pride yourself on stellar customer support, it’s always good to have a reminder of what you can do to keep that customer service on par. When you improve your customer service, you make your clients and customers happier, which also increases your bottom-line. Here are three ways to improve your practices customer service this year.

1. Smile more often


McDonald’s got something right when they used the smile in their promotional material. It seems simple, but smiling more when speaking to clients and customers even on the phone can significantly increase the overall customer service of your practice. Smiling can be hard to do when you are busy but it can help you stand out from the crowd. Who would you rather do business with, a practice where nobody smiles and the overall tone is blah and depressing or a practice where the people are smiling and cheerful?


2. Become more organized


The more organized your practice is, the less likely that clients are customers will be frustrated and feel the need to give your practice bad reviews or complain to other people about your practice. Streamlining your processes will allow a less stressful environment for your employees as well as your clients and customers. There will be fewer opportunities for errors and miscommunication and more opportunities to serve your client well. Side note: If you are using apps or other technology to organize your practice, make sure your customers understand how to use it to reduce any negative feedback.


3. Treat your employees well


What does this have to do with customer service, you ask? In a practice where employees are treated well and are happy, it’s instantly noticeable. More satisfied employees will work harder and be more productive. They are also more likely to smile more often and practice the customer service procedures you have in place. A team mindset of everyone being in it together can achieve not only a great work culture but fantastic customer service. If you happen to have a bad egg in your practice, an employee who continually is negative for example, you need to address this. It only takes one bad egg to spoil the whole practice.


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