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Rochon & Associates specializes in bookkeeping and financial services, as well as HR and office management, for medical, dental, and legal professionals and their firms.


About Erin Rochon

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rochon & Associates, Erin Rochon, provides bookkeeping and business management services for businesses across Southern Ontario.


With over fourteen years’ experience Erin can help you with every aspect of your businesses bookkeeping. In addition, she is also uniquely qualified to support legal, medical and dental professionals.


While many companies offer bookkeeping services to business owners, very few of them know and understand the sophisticated software programs that most dental and legal offices use for their bookkeeping.


Proficient in legal software, such as PC Law and Clio Practice Management and dental software such as Dentrix, Abeldent, Logitech, Tracker, Orthodent and Quickbooks, Erin specializes in working with small to medium-sized business and practice owners to ensure compliance and growth while also helping them maintain a great work-life balance.

Rochon & Associates


With accurate financial records, we can pro-actively review your expenses and income and identify any areas of concern or inefficiencies in the practice performance.


Taking care of everything from, Expense and Income Tracking, Monthly Bank Reconciliations, Weekly Expense Reporting, Vendor/Supplier Cost Reviews, Income vs Expense Reviews, Expense Management, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, HST Remittances, Payroll & Payroll Remittances, WSIB Submission, Trust Account Reconciliation, On-site and off-site services, Human Resource needs and more!


“We want to implement financially sound bookkeeping practices and procedures for businesses so that they can curb financial issues before they become huge problems.

Peace of Mind

Running a business is challenging. Simple mistakes can end up being costly if ignored or overlooked. Erin is committed to ensuring her client’s businesses run smoothly, they are less-stressed with the financial tasks of their businesses, and that they save time and money by outsourcing their bookkeeping to Rochon & Associates. Don’t let the CRA come knocking on your door! Contact us today.

Past Industry Experience

One of the first experiences Erin had working in dental was working on-site with a dentist at a small practice. He was overwhelmed by all the tasks he had to take on in addition to serving his patients. Erin successfully took on the bookkeeping, accounting, and office management within the company and implemented policies and procedures to increase high-profit work that ultimately helped him to grow his practice.


On the legal side of things, Erin has worked with various law firms within the Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area over the past five years. It became clear when dealing with her legal clients that too much time was being spent in-house on non-billable hours, for things such as bookkeeping. Erin wants to allow staff to focus their energy where it is best spent, on billable tasks, by outsourcing their bookkeeping and saving her clients time and money.


Catering to family-oriented businesses, and as a mother herself, Erin enjoys working with companies that understand work-life balance and the needs of the modern family.


One of the reasons she originally started her business was so that she could have the flexibility she needed to be there for her son. That is why she truly enjoys working with other companies who understand the importance of family.


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, attending workshops and motivational seminars, reading, singing, and painting. She lives in the Durham Region of Ontario.

Are you ready to ensure that all of your billable providers are focusing on tasks that are billable to the practice to ensure the highest possible profitability? Give Rochon & Associates a call to discuss a customized bookkeeping package for you.