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Recruitment strategies for your practice

Recruitment strategies for your practice

Recruiting top talent to work in your practice isn’t easy. The best candidates are sought after by many different practices, and it can be difficult to sway them to join your company when other offers look more enticing. Here are some strategies you can implement to make sure that the next candidate you interview will say yes to your current job opportunity.


It’s all about the perks. What can you offer that no other practice does? Think about things like more vacation, more personal time, flex-time, in-office perks like food, lunch and learns, off-site training, etc. Whatever perks you can offer will set you apart from the competition.


Offering basic benefits is almost a requirement today, but beyond the basic benefit plan, what else can you offer potential employees? Massages, chiropractic, RSP matching plans are all options. It’s important to keep an eye on this as your benefit providers options are continually changing. Additional benefits besides medical, dental, and eye care could be the difference between your candidate choosing you over someone else.

Career Advancement

Is there an opportunity for the candidate to grow within your practice? If there is not, there is a higher chance that the employee may sign on but then end up leaving down the road. If there is an opportunity for them to learn and grow and advance, you will have a better chance of hiring and keeping the candidate and also increasing their happiness and productivity as well.

Competitive Salary

Researching the current job market to see what other practices are offering is often a simple search on various job sites. If you want the best, you need to pay the best. Money isn’t the only deciding factor, but it is a big one. Everyone has expenses, and the amount of money you put out there is going to be a barometer for the talent you attract.


All the perks, benefits, and money in the world is not going to get someone to sign on to your practice if you have a terrible work culture or plenty of negative reviews about your company online. Every step of the interview process should highlight your personality and culture. Presenting a positive culture is crucial to nail down the best person for the job. Prospective employees are researching your practice just as much as you are researching them. It’s critical in today’s workplace to have a strong, positive culture.

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