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Rochon & Associates specializes in bookkeeping and financial services, as well as HR and office management, for medical, dental, and legal professionals and their firms.


What is pro-active bookkeeping?

Look up the word “proactive” in any dictionary and you will probably see something along the lines of, anticipating or causing something to happen BEFORE something else happens and often that “SOMETHING” isn’t always positive. Proactive bookkeeping helps stop problems before they occur.

Consider this scenario:

Bob is a dentist in a metropolitan city. He has a growing practice and no time, but he is still trying to make it all work by himself and one other admin employee.

The employee is a lovely person but is not a financial expert and over the last ten months has been billing their clients incorrectly. As Bob was too busy to be involved in the day to day activities of his practice, he never noticed it either until it was almost the end of the year.

This whole situation could have been avoided if Bob had hired a proactive bookkeeper to handle his books instead of dealing with a headache that comes from doing things now and asking questions later.

How could this have been prevented?

Planning ahead with growth plans and strategies, making clients aware of laws and regulations, and spotting financial concerns with expenses and income are all part of the ‘proactive’ work what we do at Rochon & Associates.

Medical, dental and legal professionals have busy practices and appointments all day long. This fast pace might be good for the bank account, but it can be a challenge to stay on top of the financial side of your business. Your success is our success. We strive to educate our clients but also to save them the precious time they have so little of.

IF you are looking for not only a bookkeeper for your practice, but a proactive bookkeeper, get in touch with us today!

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