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Rochon & Associates specializes in bookkeeping and financial services, as well as HR and office management, for medical, dental, and legal professionals and their firms.

Why you should hire an experienced bookkeeper

Why you should hire an experienced bookkeeper for your dental practice

If you are a dentist, you probably thought university took forever. With an average of four to eight years or more depending on what road you traveled, it might have taken you almost a decade to graduate. You were probably also lucky if you snuck in an elective on finances during that time.

As an expert on oral health, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, radiology, and anesthesia with some law and ethics thrown in there for good measure, you probably weren’t taught how to run a successful practice during your schooling unless you took business courses as well. Even then, the odds are you can probably fill a cavity in your sleep, but it might take hours upon hours to do your taxes.

That’s why an experienced bookkeeper is a must!


An experienced and “proactive” bookkeeper is even better. Like you are the expert on oral health, at Rochon & Associates, we are the experts on finances and can help you navigate your practice’s finances before problems occur.

Some of the things that we take care of are:

Accounts Payables – Helps you make sure all your bills are paid and paid on time without penalties.  

Accounts Receivables – This is money that is owed to you by your customers and is received on your behalf and may need to be collected by us. 

Monthly Bank Reconciliations – The process of looking at the debits and credits in your account and making sure everything matches up.

Expense and Income Tracking – This is to make sure your costs are being recorded and tracked for future financial data as well as taxes. 

Weekly Expense Reporting – Recording your expenses weekly so that once the end of the year rolls around taxes are a breeze. 

Vendor/Supplier Cost Reviews – What are you paying for vendors within your practice and is there a better financial option.  


Rochon & Associates is not only schooled in helping you with all these extensive and time-consuming tasks. We also know how to navigate through dentistry software, and also provide payroll services and WSIB Submissions as well. Truly a one-stop – proactive shop – for all your bookkeeping practice needs.

Get in touch with us today if your practice is ready to let an experienced bookkeeper take over.

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